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    • precious278918 days ago

      I took the Midrange Hunter deck out for a spin on the ladder (to wrap up some daily quests) & had more success with it than I imagined 6 wins 1 loss. The Scavenging Hyena and & Call the Hounds combo is a low mana beast! Forgive the pun. I'm going to try out some other lower tier decks too. It's great to mix it up, and get some variety in.

      Posted in Hearthstone: Deck Tier List (Standard) - March 2017 (Season 36)

    • precious2789A month ago

      Shame for me with the Spirit Claws. I've never owned a Bloodmage Thalnos, so always had go with the RNG to se if I hit a Spell Damage Totem. I found that a fun mini game in itself. Be very interested to see if the STB nerf has any major impact though. I would have rather seen his attack dropped by 1 when buffed with a weapon.

      As for the ladder I'm very pleased. As someone who only really hits level 15 each season, this will give me a bit of a push to go further.

      Posted in Hearthstone: Update 7.1 will nerf two core cards in the current metagame

    • precious2789A month ago

      Great article. Especially for the newcomers (like myself) who have only been playing since the Last Gods expansion. Gutted to see the League of Explorers rotate out. Reno & Brann especially.
      I hope in time Blizzard will try to find ways of including similar mechanics on other cards.

      Posted in Hearthstone: Standard rotation guide & schedule - 2017 / 2018