Hearthstone: Pack price increases heading to Europe

Adventure wings and Arena ticks will also become more expensive.

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Here's an unpopular bit of news that Blizzard slipped out ahead of the weekend. If you're a Hearthstone player based in Europe, then you're about to get hit pretty hard by an increase to the real-money price of card packs. The costs of Adventure wings and Arena Tickets are also being raised.

While all European players will have to pay more for their shop items as of March 22nd - and regardless of whether you pay in Euros or a local currency - it's the UK that's getting hit the hardest. As an example, the two packs you buy today for £1.99 will very soon cost you £2.99. (Something something Brexit.)

Here's a breakdown of the new prices for the GBP and EURO currency regions, along with a comparison to their current costs. You can find details for local currencies over at this in-depth Reddit thread, where all the prices have been broken down by country.

UK Hearthstone card pack price increases

Adventure Wing£4.99£6.99
Arena Ticket£1.49£1.99

EU Hearthstone card pack price increases

Adventure Wing€5.99€5.99
Arena Ticket€1.49€1.49


  • mipwns#1A month ago
    Well...ehm...ok a guess.

    Let's say I hope an Arena run will not change to 9,99 in 3 days from now.

    Suddenly it's so clear to me that I;m part of a world that lacks the demcratic feauture.Some times I play this weird Phantasy game called "real world" They know a certain principle called democracy and it works in a way that it's not possible to see everything disappear in 5 seconds from surreal..Obviously this game developer believes in fairy tales....the Hearth has some awkward nerds walking around these days.
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  • mipwns#2A month ago
    Thanx Blizzard. You made an already perfect world even a little more beautiful.

    I played it and it's such a rewarding new game experience. This is some decent core gameplay improvement. 1,99 gives my life here at the Hearth a new satisfaction layer that i wasn't aware it even existed.


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