The best Hearthstone decks - April 2017 (Season 37)

Our one-stop guide to the most powerful decks you can play on the Standard ladder in Season 37.

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On this page you'll find our pick of the best Hearthstone decks being played by the pros right now, with deck lists and essential guides for each one.

It's been quite a whirlwind updating the site over the last few weeks, with the release of Un'Goro prompting a huge amount of work to ensure Metabomb remains up to date! We hope you're finding our growing collection of guides for all the latest deck archetypes a useful way of getting stuck into the expansion, and we've got plenty more to come over the coming days.

We've reached a point now where we feel like we can start chucking out a few of the old recommendations, highlight all of the new ones, and just generally make our monthly round-up a bit more suitable for the Un'Goro metagame. Although some of these decks won't prove strong enough to last the long run, they're all worth exploring now if you have the cards. On that note, you should continue being careful with your crafting dust, as it's still relatively early days for the expansion.

You'll find that our recommendations for each hero fall into two different categories now. First of all there are all of the brand new decks you should know about that seem like strong choices for the hero. While all of these decks will be refined over the next month or so, you should find these articles to be really good jumping off points for enjoying all the new stuff in Un'Goro.

We've also got a second slot where all those old decks that are still relevant but need to be updated are highlighted. These will all be ticked off the list in the coming days, but should give you a good steer on how things are shaping up for each Hearthstone hero.

Thank you as always for your support. A record-breaking number of you have been enjoying the guides we've been making over the last few days, and it's been fantastic to see the site so busy, and Hearthstone hit its second rotation year so confidently.

If there's anything else you'd like to see us tackle just let us know in the comments.


Aggro Token Druid is probably your strongest Druid deck to pick right now, although a special mention has to be made to the classic Jade and Ramp archetypes. We're including all Quest decks here, but sadly the Druid one isn't looking too hot right now.


Midrange Hunter is by far the most powerful deck for this hero right now, although we note the resurgence of Face Hunter and Secret Hunter as well. The Hunter Quest hasn't proved very competitive yet, but it's included here if you drew the card and need something to do with it!


Against all odds, Freeze Mage seems like a pretty powerful bet right now, although Secret Mage and Aggro Burn Mage are also strong. The Elemental and Quest decks haven't hit as hard as we were hoping, but you may want to experiment with them if you have the cards. Finally, we've got an updated take on Tempo Mage for you to explore.


Murloc and Midrange Paladins have emerged as the front-runners for this hero in Un'Goro. Control is not far behind at all, although it's less good news for the The Last Kaleidosaur Quest which is pretty much dead on arrival. Holy Wrath Paladin is very inconsistent, but we'll be bringing you a guide to playing this deck in the very near future.


Priest definitely got the booby prize when it comes to all of the Quest decks, but if it's the one you got then we have a deck guide to help you pilot it anyway. Curiously it looks as though there might actually be a future for Dragon Priest in Un'Goro, despite the retirement of a couple of sets thought to be crucial for the archetype. Silence / Purify Priest is also a good choice right now, although the Miracle Priest is considerably less powerful.

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Quest Rogue is not just your best option for the class right now, but perhaps the best deck in the entire game. Miracle Rogue is arguably just as strong, although the Tempo Rogue deck we're working on right now is much less impactful than the previous too. Still, it'll be an alternative.


Token Shaman and Aggro Murloc Shaman are good choices for this month, although the hero's fortunes are down considerably since last month. Elemental Shaman's a lot of fun though, and we'll also be updating our Midrange Shaman guide in the coming days.


Warlock's looking in reasonable shape at this stage of the Un'Goro metagame, with two solid deck options in the form of Zoo Warlock and Handlock


Both Pirate Warrior and Taunt Warrior - built around the new Quest card - are enjoing top-tier status in Hearthstone right now. These are your only options for the hero really, but they are at least incredibly powerful ones.


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