The best Standard Hearthstone decks - March 2017 (Season 36)

Our one-stop guide to the most powerful decks you can play on the Standard ladder in Season 36.

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We've only a month or so to go until the next Hearthstone expansion - Jungle to Un'Goro - hits the game, so this month's round-up of the best Hearthstone decks is the last as we know it for the Gadgetzan metagame. Here you will, as always, find the top decks you can take to the Standard ladder, whichever class you happen to favour.

Gadgetzan's not been all that exciting really, has it? Aggro has only seemed to go from strength to strength during the last few months, and it was again the Shaman class that continued to shine in yet another card set. Kazakus decks are great if you have a decent level of skill at the game, but Jade has been rather middling - although we'll see what impact the latest nerfs have here. Alas, the Grimy Goons barely showed up to the fight at all.

If that all sounds rather negative, we're at least a good deal more excited about the next expansion. The new Adapt mechanic seems like a fun way of keeping the metagame on its toes, while the rotation of cards like Reno Jackson and friends feels long overdue. Whether three 130+ card expansions a year prove to be too much is something that's yet to be seen - but all in all we think things are definitely looking up for the game!

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Jade or Ramp Druid is probably your strongest option for climbing the ladder right now, although you've a good chance of finding success with the other two that we've highlighted here. Either way, it's good to see a relatively new archetype proving potent for the hero in Season 36!

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The Hunter hero's in a bit of a funny spot right now, with Midrange, Face and Secret archetypes bleeding concepts between one another. We're keeping these deck lists as separate entities for now, but that may well change during the course of the month. If Face Hunter is your thing, we recommend going down the Secret deck list route.

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Reno Mage is arguably the most powerful Mage deck you can play in Season 36, but if it's a little too fiddly for you then try out Freeze Mage - still a tricky deck that requires good metagame knowledge, but more familiar ground nevertheless. Tempo Mage is not, sadly, a particularly powerful deck right now, but is a good deal simpler to pilot than either of these other decks.

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The Paladin's in a bit of an odd spot at the moment. None of the decks for this hero are performing particularly strongly right now, and they're all clumped around near enough the same power level. Murloc Paladin probably clinches the top spot right now, followed closely by Aggro and the remaining two.

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Dragon Priest is by far and away the best deck for the Priest at this stage of the Gadgetzan metagame, and it's nice to see such a competitive deck come around for the class. Reno Priest is probably your next best bet, while the rather gimmicky OTK Priest deck might suit those who enjoy gathering together cataclysmic combos.

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Miracle Rogue is very strong in the Gadgetzan metagame but it's a fiddly deck to pilot, and one that requires no small amount of experience with the game to pilot consistently well. Try the Aggro or Jade archetypes for an easier time of things.


If you were hoping to see the back of Aggro or Midrange Shaman in Gadgetzan, we've got bad news for you. These seem to be the strongest options for the hero right now, although there are a handful of lower tier decks to play around with as well. We're still waiting to see how hard the latest nerfs will hit Aggro Shaman.


It's pretty much Renolock or bust for the Warlock in Season 36. Zoo is still definitely - and always - a thing but it's no longer the hardy perennial that it's been in the past. There's lots of tweaking to be done in the months between now and the next expansion, so don't write off a comeback for this old favourite.

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Pirate Warrior is one of the strongest decks you can play in Hearthstone right now full-stop, but don't discount a reworked version of Dragon Warrior in the current metagame either. Those with large wallets and old tastes can also keep climbing with Control Warrior - it's particularly effective in the early, aggressive stages of a new season.


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