Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un'Goro guide

Everything we know about the rumoured new Hearthstone expansion

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The next Hearthstone expansion will be called Lost Secrets of Un'Goro - that's according to a post on the Reddit forums a little earlier on this morning.

The leak has come via a posting made by voice actress Lani Minella to her online resume. The voice actress has, in the past, provided her vocal talents to a number of Hearthstone cards and the next expansion is included in the latest version.

It's possible that the leak refers to the summer expansion rather than the traditional spring expansion, but we know from a recent post about the Hearthstone production pipeline that voice work is almost certainly produced towards the end of production.

While we are still waiting for official confirmation from Blizzard about the name and nature of the next Hearthstone expansion, we want to put together a quick Lost Secrets of Un'Goro guide that should answer all of your questions.

We will continue updating this article over time, so check back regularly for updates. Once we have official information from Blizzard, it will be added directly to this guide.

Previous voicework by Lani Minella

Lani Minella has worked on other cards for Hearthstone. Here's a breakdown of the vocal work that they've provided Blizzard with in the past:


  • Cult Master
  • Arathi Weaponsmith
  • Imp Master

Whispers of the Old Gods

  • Faceless Summoner
  • Twilight Geomancer
  • Ancient Shieldbearer
  • Darkshire Librarian

Lost Secrets of Un'Goro cards

What new cards are coming with Lost Secrets of Un'Goro. Well, if we keep working through that same resume, we eventually come across the following cards which Minella has contributed work towards:

  • Golakka Crawler
  • Pteradactyl
  • Anklesaur
  • Hydra
  • Brontosaurus

While some of these names seem pretty generic, it's not impossible that these are placeholder titles for something a little more flavourful as production continues.

Ahead of what is expected to be the expansion reveal, we've put together the first edition of our Lost Secrets of Un'Goro card list - you'll find all the latest card releases there.

The Lost Secrets Un'Goro:

Lost Secrets of Un'Goro background

The Lost Secrets of Un'Goro apparently pays tribute to the Un'Goro Crater region of World of Warcraft. This dank, jungle-like region of the game is packed to the rafters with lots of outlandish beasts, dinosaurs and animated plant life.

Could this be the start of a new Beast-driven meta for the game? We'll have plenty more on the thematic nature of the Un'Goro expansion, once Blizzard makes more information available to us.

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