Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro guide

Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's next expansion, Journey to Un'Goro.

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Our Journey to Un'Goro guide contains all of the cards and other information you need to know about the next Hearthstone expansion.

UPDATE: 21st March 2017

Our round-up of all the new Journey to Un'Goro cards to be revealed includes five new entries as of today.

Now that a little more information has stared to trickle in about the Un'Goro expansion, we've taken the opportunity to tidy up our guide. We've cleaned up all of the information contained within it, and also made it easier to navigate to other, related content.

We're expecting to see the start of a proper, steady release of card information in the next few days, and we will update this guide continuously to ensure it contains all of the latest information about the new expansion.

If there's anything you think we've missed, please let us know about it in the comments section so we can add the extra detail in straight away!

Journey to Un'Goro coverage:

The basics

If you've no idea about what's going on and are only just getting up to speed with the new expansion, here's the really important stuff.

  • The name of the next Hearthstone expansion is Journey to Un'Goro.
  • As expected, this is our dinosaur-themed expansion.
  • There will be elemental and plant-based minions as well.
  • The Un'Goro set consists of 135 new cards.
  • The card reveals will begin in earnest from Friday 17th March.
  • The expansion will be released early April.
  • There are two new mechanics coming to the game: Quest cards and the Adapt keyword.

New Adapt mechanic

Journey to Un'Goro will add a new mechanic to the game called Adapt. When you play a card that features the Adapt keyword, you'll be able to apply one extra element to the minion in question.

There are ten special elements in the Un'Goro expansion, and you'll have to select one of these from the three options the game randomly selects from the pool. It's a bit like the old Kazakus potion system in this regard, but simpler overall.

Our Adapt guide contains all of the fine detail you need to know about this new keyword!

Quest cards

There will be a new Quest card mechanic in Journey to Un'Goro. Each hero will receive their own low-cost Quest card which can be played at the start of a match.

To complete the Quest you'll have to complete a certain objective, such as playing so many cards of a certain cost or class. Complete the Quest and a particularly powerful Legendary card will be added to your hand.

These Quests are designed to be very hard to complete - hence the exceptionally powerful card reward - and the icon indicating that you're on a Quest will be displayed where Secrets usually appear. Note that - unlike Secrets - the nature of the Quest will also be visible to your opponent.

Check out our Quest guide for more information on this

Journey to Un'Goro card reveals

Hearthstone developer Yong Woo has confirmed on Twitter that each hero will have two class-specific Legendaries in the Un'Goro expansion. The first will be a regular Legendary as we've come to know them, the second will be associated with the new Quest mechanic.

It was later confirmed by another designer that there would be a total of five Neutral Legendaries with the expansion.

You can find all of the currently known Journey to Un'Goro cards over at our dedicated page.

Journey to Un'Goro game board and trailer

It comes as no surprise to us to learn that there'll be a new game board with the Un'Goro expansion. Here's how it will look:

If you didn't manage to catch it at the time, here's the announcement video for Journey to Un'Goro.


The reporting below was based on speculation prior to the release of the Journey to Un'Goro announcement trailer. We include it here for those who want to know how the story unfolded!

The next Hearthstone expansion will be called Journey to Un'Goro - that's according to a post on the Reddit forums a little earlier on this morning.

The leak has come via a posting made by voice actress Lani Minella to her online resume. The voice actress has, in the past, provided her vocal talents to a number of Hearthstone cards and the next expansion is included in the latest version.

It's possible that the leak refers to the summer expansion rather than the traditional spring expansion, but we know from a recent post about the Hearthstone production pipeline that voice work is almost certainly produced towards the end of production.

While we are still waiting for official confirmation from Blizzard about the name and nature of the next Hearthstone expansion, we want to put together a quick Lost Secrets of Un'Goro guide that should answer all of your questions.

We will continue updating this article over time, so check back regularly for updates. Once we have official information from Blizzard, it will be added directly to this guide.

Previous voicework by Lani Minella

Lani Minella has worked on other cards for Hearthstone. Here's a breakdown of the vocal work that they've provided Blizzard with in the past:


  • Cult Master
  • Arathi Weaponsmith
  • Imp Master

Whispers of the Old Gods

  • Faceless Summoner
  • Twilight Geomancer
  • Ancient Shieldbearer
  • Darkshire Librarian

Journey to Un'Goro cards

What new cards are coming with Journey to Un'Goro? Well, if we keep working through that same resume, we eventually come across the following cards which Minella has contributed work towards:

  • Golakka Crawler
  • Pteradactyl
  • Anklesaur
  • Hydra
  • Brontosaurus

While some of these names seem pretty generic, it's not impossible that these are placeholder titles for something a little more flavourful as production continues.

Lost Secrets of Un'Goro background

The Lost Secrets of Un'Goro apparently pays tribute to the Un'Goro Crater region of World of Warcraft. This dank, jungle-like region of the game is packed to the rafters with lots of outlandish beasts, dinosaurs and animated plant life.

Could this be the start of a new Beast-driven meta for the game? We'll have plenty more on the thematic nature of the Un'Goro expansion, once Blizzard makes more information available to us.


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