Hearthstone: Deck Tier List (Standard) - February 2017 (Season 35)

Our latest and updated list of the top decks to play in the Gadgetzan metagame.

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Over the last few years, Metabomb has focused on producing a monthly round-up of the top decks being played in Hearthstone, complimented by our ever-growing collection of deck guides. While wanting to provide a solid snapshot of the latest metagame, we've previously shied away from producing a hard ranking of these decks, preferring instead to give you an overview of each hero's top three or four options. By taking this approach, we felt we could help you to quickly identify competitive decks for classes that you enjoy playing first and foremost, rather than feeling compelled to pick a particular one in order to climb the ladder effectively.

With all that said and done though, we know that some of you want to see a slightly different approach to our analysis of the current Hearthstone metagame, and do so with a fully ranked tier list that appraises the entire roster of popular decks from top to bottom. Well, back in the summer of last year we decided it was about time we started remedying that, and the end result here represents our eighth (how time flies!) ranked evaluation of the Hearthstone metagame. We'll still provide a looser monthly round-up of the best Hearthstone decks per hero - just as we've always done - but if you're first and foremost looking for a way to climb the ladder quickly, then this should hopefully give you some useful guidance.

A few words on how we've chosen to go about building our own list of the top decks in Hearthstone right now. First of all, we've considered the sort of wisdom-of-the-crowd insight into the metagame that we're all plugged into as avid players. We've also studied a number of the other tier lists that are out there and then made our own tweaks where we feel that certain decks are over or under-valued. We feel pretty confident that the end result represents a deck tier list that reflects the broader state of the metagame, whether you're playing at Legend or still climbing the middling stages of the ladder. Note, however, that decks within each tier are listed alphabetically, rather than in order per tier.

As the metagame changes in the weeks and months ahead, so will the tier list featured in this article. Note that there's an unavoidable element of personal preference and aptitude for playstyle to take into consideration here, and so it's natural that different players will rank certain decks somewhat higher or lower. As always, we believe that you'll win more games using a deck that you've mastered and enjoy playing, instead of one that we say is superior by a single tier. By definition, the deck that you find the most success with is the best one! Nevertheless, we'd love to hear your feedback in the comments section about any additional decks you think should be included here.

With that out of the way, here's the eighth edition of our Hearthstone deck tier list. We hope you'll enjoy this regularly updated, alternative take on the current metagame, and let us know in the comments if there's anything else you'd like to see us cover in the future!

Editor's note: February update - Well, the Gadgetzan metagame got old pretty fast for our money. It's the same old decks dominating the top slots that you were already sick of halfway through last months. Still, we can't be that far away from getting a peek at the next card set, so hang in there if you're in need of some variety.

The top Hearthstone decks - February 2017

Tier 1Aggro ShamanAggro Shaman decklist and guide
Pirate WarriorPirate Warrior decklist and guide
RenolockRenolock decklist and guide
Tier 2Control WarriorControl Warrior decklist and guide
Dragon PriestDragon Priest decklist and guide
Dragon WarriorDragon Warrior decklist and guide
Jade Midrange ShamanJade Midrange Shaman decklist and guide
Miracle RogueMiracle Rogue decklist and guide
Reno MageReno Mage decklist and guide
Tier 3Aggro Pirate RogueAggro Pirate Rogue decklist and guide
Anyfin Murloc PaladinAnyfin Murloc Paladin decklist and guide
Control ShamanControl Shaman decklist and guide
Freeze MageFreeze Mage decklist and guide
Jade DruidJade Druid decklist and guide
Ramp DruidRamp Druid decklist and guide
Reno PriestReno Priest decklist and guide
Tier 4Aggro PaladinAggro Paladin decklist and guide
C'Thun DruidC'Thun Druid decklist and guide
Evolve ShamanEvolve Shaman decklist and guide
Jade RogueJade Rogue decklist and guide
Malygos DruidMalygos Druid decklist and guide
Menagerie DruidMenagerie Druid decklist and guide
Midrange HunterMidrange Hunter decklist and guide
OTK PriestOTK Priest deck list and guide coming soon!
Tempo MageTempo Mage decklist and guide
Zoo WarlockZoo Warlock decklist and guide
Tier 5Beast DruidBeast Druid decklist and guide
Buff PaladinBuff Paladin decklist and guide
Dragon PaladinDragon Paladin decklist and guide
Gang Up RogueGang Up Rogue decklist and guide
Secret HunterSecret Hunter decklist and guide

Hero hub pages:

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We like to think we've got most of the bases covered when it comes to all of the truly competitive decks in Hearthstone. If we've missed something truly meta-breaking though, or there's something you'd like to see added to the site, just let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to bring it to you as quickly as we can!