Wild Dragon Priest deck list and guide - Hearthstone

How to climb the Wild ladder using Dragon Priest in the current metagame.

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Wild Dragon Priest is a Hearthstone deck that exploits the many Dragon cards now available in the game - as well as the Priest's healing hero power - to make favourable trades on the board and then snowball a threat all the way towards the finishing line.

You've very little in the way of burst damage here, so it's all about sustaining and empowering your board presence throughout each match. AOE clears represent your biggest threats as a result, so always keep in mind at which stage of a match your opponent might be able to wipe the board - it can pay to hold something back.

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Wild Dragon Priest deck list - Gadgetzan

This is what we would consider to be the top Dragon Priest deck to use on the Wild ladder right now. There are some subtle variations available, but this is about as good a grounding as you could hope to have for the archetype.

2 x Northshire Cleric2 x Netherspite HistorianKAR
2 x Power Word: Shield1 x Brann BronzebeardLOE
2 x Twilight WhelpBRM2 x Twilight GuardianTGT
2 x Shadow Word: Pain2 x Blackwing CorruptorBRM
2 x Wyrmrest AgentTGT1 x Book WyrmKAR
2 x Kabal TalonpriestMSG1 x Ysera
2 x Shadow Word: Death
2 x Velen's ChosenGVG
2 x Drakonid OperativeMSG
2 x Holy Nova
1 x Dragonfire PotionMSG

For general strategy and Mulligan advice, take a look at our comprehensive Dragon Priest guide for the Standard format.

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Wild Dragon Priest combos and synergies - Gadgetzan

Here are some useful tips for blending together all of the cards available with this Wild Dragon Priest deck list:

- Blackwing Corruptor provides a very powerful three points of surprise damage, but only if you have another Dragon in your hand to trigger the effect.

- Likewise, Book Wyrm can be used to eliminate an enemy minion with three points of attacking power or less, if you have another Dragon to hand.

- Twilight Whelp, Twilight Guardian and Wyrmrest Agent receive some bonus stats - again - if you've got another Dragon available to play.

- Finally, Drakonid Operative will let you Discover a card from your opponent's decks if you've more Dragons to play with at the time. Netherspite Historian also lets you Discover a Dragon on the same basis.

- If you can lightly damage your own minions first, the combo effect of Holy Nova and Northshire Cleric can provide you with a very tasty amount of card draw.

- Velen's Chosen increases the strength of all your damage-dealing spells, while also beefing up a friendly minion of your choosing.

- If Brann Bronzebeard is out on the board, all of your subsequently played Battlecry cards will see their bonus effects go off twice. This card combos particularly nicely with Drakonid Operative.


  • eudus#12 months ago
    i'll try later!
    it's look like fun
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  • Bedders#22 months ago
    @eudus Let me know how you get on and if you make any changes to the list!
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  • Perrind#327 days ago
    What about trading out Ysera? I don't have her card, but I seem to get her every single game anyways through discovering a dragon card. I have Alexstraza instead, for a late game punch or recovery.
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