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Our first guide to playing the new Caverns Below Rogue in Un'Goro!

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Our Quest Rogue guide (Caverns Below) features the best deck list for Season 37, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Quest Rogue is one of the new Hearthstone decks to arrive with the Un'Goro expansion, and is built around the token-empowering strength of the new Crystal Core card. This is the reward you get for completing The Caverns Below, which requires you to play a minion with the same name a total of 4 times.

While this might seem tricky to achieve given the 2 card limit on decks, the Rogue has plenty of ways of bouncing cheap minions back into her hand. The Quest can be finished surprisingly quickly too, and in our guide we've got a deck list that should provide you with plenty of options to do just that. It's going to take a while to get the Mulligan and strategy advice right for this deck, but we've also broken down all the combos for you towards the end of the guide.

First things first, here are the new Un'Goro cards that make this deck possible:

The Caverns Below: The 1 Mana signature card for this deck that starts you off on your quest! Once completed, you receive Crystal Core.

Crystal Core: A 5 Mana spell that makes all of your subsequent minions have 5/5 of stats.

Mimic Pod: A 3 Mana spell which draws a card from your deck into your hand, then makes a copy of it.

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Quest Rogue (Caverns Below) deck list and strategy

Here's Dog's deck list for Quest Rogue. We'll keep an eye out for new and improved versions, but this should work out very well for you in the early days of the Un'Goro metagame!

2 x Backstab1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Preparation2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Shadowstep2 x Stonetusk Boar
2 x Swashburglar2 x Novice Engineer
1 x The Caverns Below2 x Youthful Brewmaster
2 x Eviscerate1 x Moroes
2 x Gadgetzan Ferryman2 x Violet Teacher
1 x Edwin VanCleef
2 x Fan of Knives
2 x Mimic Pod

Alternative deck lists:

If your hand is screaming out that you should focus on completing the Quest, then double down on doing exactly that. Otherwise you need to spend some time ensuring the enemy's board doesn't get completely out of control. The Mulligan advice below contains a lot of advice for managing these early turns, but we'll add an extra note here: feeble early cards with Charge [can attack on the turn they're played] have additional value once Crystal Core has been activated and you can use them to immediately hit the opponent for 5 damage!

Once the Quest is complete, you need to make a call on whether to keep controlling the board or get the game over fast. Again, a little knowledge of the emerging metagame will help here, but if you're uncertain what the opponent can do to enhance the current board state on the next turn, it's probably correct to smash 'em in the face! (We reserve to withdraw our face-smashing advice in a future update to this guide...)

You're a lot more pressure in aggressive match-ups really, but in slower ones you can disengage from panic mode a little bit. You can even look at focusing on Novice Engineer - your slightly pricier bounce target - in these match-ups. Whoever you pick in whatever match-up, don't let your bounce target stay on the board when your turns done. If you start chasing multiple targets for the Quest you'll never get there - not before you die at least...

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Quest Rogue (Caverns Below) Mulligan guide

It's difficult to give precise advice for Mulliganing this deck while the Un'Goro is still so uncertain. The most popular decks you'll face have yet to be determined - and indeed refined - and so hero-specific advice is tricky. There is some general advice that seems sensible though, and even at this early stage.

Against aggressive opponents you should prioritise cards like Backstab for control, and your cheapest Pirate class of cards to get on the board fast and set up bounce targets. On that note, you want to look for low-Mana bounce enablers like Youthful Brewmaster and Gadgetzan Ferryman. Just keep your Mana curve in mind at all times when it comes to the Ferryman the latter, and see how you can trigger that Battlecry using a “bounceable” minion.

For typically slower opponents such as Druid, you want those same cheap pirates and bounce cards, but you can also afford something slower like Mimic Pod to help with the bounce process. Don't forget Shadowstep either - this will allow you to rattle the Quest off extremely quickly.

Quest Rogue (Caverns Below) tips, combos and synergies

Here are the big combos you have at your disposal when playing this particular version of Quest Rogue:

- If you play any other Pirate class of card - and assuming he's still tucked away in your deck pile - Patches the Pirate will put into play for free.

- With a weapon in your hand, Southsea Deckhand will be capable of attacking on the same turn that's he played onto the board.

- You can use the following cards to return your Quest minion back into your hand: Youthful Brewmaster, Gadgetzan Ferryman and Shadowstep.

- Mimic Pod can be used to duplicate a minion that then becomes your Quest target. It's helpful of course to get one of the cheaper ones from your deck list here.

- Edwin VanCleef grows in size for each card you played earlier on in the same turn. If you play him afterCrystal Core has been activated, he'll start off as a 5/5 in your hand, and then grow in stats for each card you play before dropping him.

- Preparation opens up a lot of opportunities to rattle off that Quest requirement. As with so many Rogue decks you need to play ahead very carefully. Alternatively it combos amazing well with the actual reward!

If you've got Crystal Core ready to go in your hand, consider playing Moroes the turn before you intend to drop it. He'll be stealthed when the +5 / +5 buff occurs and start spitting out 5 / 5s himself. Unless the opponent has a board clear, Moroes is in very good shape indeed.

- The tokens created by Moroes and Violet Teacher are of course the biggest beneficiaries of Crystal Core, and represent your path to building overwhelming damage on the board once it's been activated.

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  • Thimns#117 days ago
    Surprisingly quickly for sure. I played a rogue that finished their quest turn 4 and played the caverns on curve. This archetype is crazy. Though I think using firefly and igneous elemental to get crossed the finish line seems to work best.
    Sign in to reply
  • dr-butcher#213 days ago
    Don't forget to add if you play Edwin VanCleef before you play Crystal Core, he'll be reduced to 5/5.
    Sign in to reply
  • dr-butcher#313 days ago
    @Thimns Only if you get those cards! They might be the last ones you draw.
    Sign in to reply
  • mikekoopmans50#411 days ago
    Hi guys,

    I found that this deck can be even more awesome with a little tweaking. Still torn about some choices, but so far it is working quite nicely:

    2 x Backstab
    2 x Preparation
    2 x Shadowstep
    2 x Swashburglar
    1 x The Caverns Below
    2 x Eviscerate
    2 x Gadgetzan Ferryman
    1 x Edwin VanCleef
    2 x Fan of Knives
    2 x Mimic Pod

    2 x Fire Fly
    1 x Patches the Pirate
    2 x Southsea Deckhand
    1 x Stonetusk Boar
    2 x Novice Engineer
    1 x Youthful Brewmaster
    2 x Igneous Elemental
    1 x Violet Teacher

    I found that with the list you provide here, I was getting my ass whooped too many times by fast decks, since I had little early board presence. Also I found that I sometimes had trouble getting the quest finished. Most of the time it worked fine, but the times that I couldn't get the fourth minion in, or get it in just too late, I wished it was a little easier to get there.

    The Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental work like a charm for both problems. They provide a lot of value in the early game versus aggro, while also helping A LOT to work towards the quest. I had to make room for these cards, so I scrapped Moroes and a Violet Teacher. While awesome on occasion there were also times I would not get any value from them at all, and getting the board filled with minions is no problems with the combined power of the Fire Fly and Igneous.

    I also scrapped a Youthful Brewmaster. I don't need the bounce as much, and because the Gadgetzan Ferryman works only in combo (the only moment I use the Brewmaster as well) it does not necesarily have to bounce a creature in the late game when I have played the Quest card and don't really want to bounce if the board is filled with non charge minions. Could be I will switch between the two though.

    Lastly I scrapped one Stonetusk Boar. I am not sure if I would want to add it again, for the bounce damage combo, but I feel this version gives me more stability and versatility :). What do you guys think?
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  • Bedders#511 days ago
    @mikekoopmans50 Thanks for this, I'll give it a whirl over the easter weekend! It's inevitable that these deck lists are going to go through quick refinement after publication, but we'll try to review them all as fast as we can! Still working through the general backlog right now though.
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  • mikekoopmans50#610 days ago
    @Bedders You're welcome! Only deck I am having real problems with is Quest Warrior, but otherwise it's looking pretty good :). It really feels a lot more consistent: in the games I've played with my adjusted list I almost always make the quest happen between turn 3(!) and 5. Good stuff :).
    Sign in to reply
  • Autolycus#710 days ago

    Liking this version a lot! Stability is a factor and this manages to get me through some tough early game points. Thanks!
    Sign in to reply
  • @Autolycus Great, I am glad you like it! If you can find some way to beat Quest Warrior though then that would be great haha! Only when I finish the Quest with a full board really early do I stand a chance.

    Anyone else feel like Warrior has way too much AoE? Whirlwind, Ravaging Ghoul and Brawl were not enough, no let's add Sleeping with the fishes, that seems about right :S. Whoever thought this up at Blizzard nerds to be checked.
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  • Hey guys,maybe try this version :

    2xglacial shard
    2xstonetusk boar
    2xsouthsea deckhand
    2xigneous elemental
    2xgadgetzan ferryman
    2xyouthful brewmaster
    2xbluegill warrior
    1xmimic pod
    2xnovice engineer
    2xfan of knives
    2xloot hoarder
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  • @soumyosubhromukherje sorry , no shiv, 1xCaverns below !!
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