Elemental Shaman deck list guide - Hearthstone - April 2017

Our guide to playing the supercharged Elemental Shaman in Journey to Un'Goro.

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Our Elemental Shaman deck guide features the best deck list for Season 37, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Elemental Shaman is a Hearthstone deck that's certainly been played in the past but is about to really hit the big time with the release of the Un'Goro expansion. While it retains much of the power from the Jade Shaman deck that we've all learned to love or hate (depending on your perspective), this version that's been theorycrafted by Trump makes room for the biggest new Elemental cards coming to the game. The end result is a deck that looks - on paper at least - to be a dominant force in the metagame going forwards.

To kick things off, we wanted to highlight the most important Un'Goro cards that actually make the Elemental Shaman shine in 2017. While we expect our usual card hover links to pop up in the next day or so, in the meantime you can view a mini-gallery of the cards just below the breakdown. After that we've got a Trump-approved deck list for you to get going with, some advice on Mulliganing the deck correctly, and a teardown of all of the combos. It's really important to get on top of these, as there's much bonus efficiency to be had if you literally play your cards right!

First though, here are the headline cards:

Hot Spring Guardian: A 3 Mana 2/4 Taunt minion with a Battlecry that gives you back 3 Health.

Igneous Elemental: This 3 Mana 2/3 has a Deathrattle that grants you a pair of 1/2 Elementals. These can be used to empower some of the other cards that are detailed below.

Tar Creeper: A 3 Mana 1/5 Taunt, that gains 2 points of Attack during the opponent's turn.

Tol'vir Stoneshaper: A 4 Mana 3/5. If you played an Elemental on the earlier turn, it'll gain Taunt and Divine Shield!

Servant of Kalimos: This 5 Mana 4/5 will let you Discover an Elemental if you played an Elemental during the previous turn.

Blazecaller: Again, this 7 Mana 6/6 minion will deal 5 points of damage if you played an Elemental on the last turn.

Kalimos, Primal Lord: The real big daddy of this deck. When played you'll be able to choose between four card options: deal 3 damages to all enemy minions, fill your board with 1/1 Elementals, deal 6 damage to the enemy hero, or restore 12 Health to your hero.

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Elemental Shaman deck list and strategy - April 2017

Here's Trump's first take on Elemental Shaman, which you should find a greater starting point for this archetype. Please do remember to exercise caution when it comes to crafting cards, and consider waiting a little while before committing to burning through your dust. With that said, we do feel as though Kalimos, Primal Lord is a real banker.

We'll add alternative deck lists to this guide in time, so you can play around with other options too.

2 x Jade Claws1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Maelstrom Portal2 x Igneous Elemental
2 x Hex2 x Tar Creeper
1 x Hot Spring Guardian2 x Jade Spirit
2 x Lightning Storm2 x Tol'vir Stoneshaper
2 x Jade Lightning2 x Servant of Kalimos
2 x Fire Elemental1 x Aya Blackpaw
2 x Jade Chieftain2 x Blazecaller
1 x Kalimos, Primal Lord

(Take a look at our Un'Goro crafting guide if you want to find out more about the selection process behind some of these cards.)

You're blending together a mixture of Elemental and Jade flavours to make this deck really shine. If you've played much Jade Shaman in the past, you should be able to transition towards this new deck pretty easily. You've got quite a few control options at your disposal here, and if you can tame the opponent's board into the mid-game then you should be set up pretty nicely as you enter the second half.

We'll be expanding this section of our guide a great deal in the weeks ahead, but for now we reckon studying the combo list towards the bottom of this article is your best bet towards understanding what makes this deck tick. Watch this space for updates - we're trying to cover a lot of ground right now!

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Elemental Shaman (Standard) Mulligan guide - April 2017

Once the metagame settles down a bit we'll be able to provide Mullgain advice on a per Hero basis, but for now give weight to the following cards: Jade Claws, Maelstrom Portal (if you're confident you're against aggro), and any of your three drop minions.

Igneous Elemental is a solid choice for getting some Elemental fuel secured for later on, but resist the temptation to throw these creatures out on the board, rather than saving them for greater effect later on as you hit the mid-game.

Elemental Shaman (Standard) combos and synergies - April 2017

There are lots of new combos to consider with the Un'Goro take on Elemental Shaman, so try to make the following plays second nature as quickly as you can.

Pay particular attention to cards that require a previous Elemental play in order to trigger an extra effect.

- The following cards have additional Jade Golem synergy, alongside their more immediate benefits: Jade Claws, Jade Chieftain, Jade Lightning, Jade Spirit, Aya Blackpaw.

- Fire Elemental leads nicely into Blazecaller as a Battlecry enabler.

- Similarly, if Tol'vir Stoneshaper is played right before Servant of Kalimos, you'll get to Discover a new Elemental (and the Shaman has bags of high-value options to get lucky with here).

- Don't worry if you're not getting quite that fortunate with your curve though. You can use the very minor elementals from Igneous Elemental to empower these bigger cards on the cheap. Like we mentioned earlier, you should avoid wasting these creatures carelessly.

- If Bloodmage Thalnos is out on the board, you'll get some extra spell damage power out of cards like Jade Lightning, Lightning Storm and Maelstrom Portal.


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    not much card draw in that deck, but it could be strong. I think the new hunter quest deck will be stronger but time will tell
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    @Bludsh0t I'm just about to put the Unite the Murlocs guide live and it's terrifying to look at. Anyone hoping for a break from Shaman this time around is going to be very disappointed.
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