Control Shaman (Standard) deck list and guide - Hearthstone - March 2017

How to play the best Control Shaman deck in Season 36.

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Control Shaman is a relatively new archetype for the truly competitive Hearthstone scene, and it's an archetype which seeks to hold back the opponent's progress before mounting a more significant threat as the match wears on into the late-game.

There's bags of removal at hand for the first half a dozen turns or so, after which some meaty mid and late-game minions begin to show up. In our Control Shaman guide, we'll explain how this all works in the heat of battle. A quick note on how this deck has changed in recent months first though: although N'Zoth, the Corruptor once formed a core part of Control Shaman, it's back to the Jade Golem drawing board for this archetype.

Our Control Shaman guide outlines one of the most popular deck lists being used in the current metagame, and then outlines the fundamental strategy behind playing it. From there we've got a little Mulligan advice to help you get off to a good start, before we wrap things up with a breakdown of all the card combos you can make use of.

Editor's note - March 2017 update: N'Zoth, the Corruptor is out and many more Jade Golem synergies are back in. Make sure you up date your deck list if you've been playing with last month's, and check out the updated combos section as well. There aren't many changes to think about, but it's worth brushing up on the core combos nevertheless.

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Control Shaman (Standard) deck list and strategy - March 2017

Here's what we believe to be the top Control Shaman deck for the late stages of the Gadgetzan metagame.

2 x Devolve1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Jade Claws1 x Brann Bronzebeard
2 x Maelstrom Portal2 x Azure Drake
1 x Stormcrack
2 x Healing Wave
2 x Hex
2 x Lightning Storm
2 x Mana Tide Totem
2 x Jade Lightning
2 x Jade Spirit
2 x Jinyu Waterspeaker
1 x Aya Blackpaw
2 x Thing from Below
2 x Jade Chieftain

Alternative Control Shaman lists

While the deck list outlined above is our recommended one for climbing the ladder this month, you might like to check out some of the other options that are available.

As a very broad overview of the strategy involved with playing this type of deck, your aim is to own the early to mid-game using your grotesque assortment of removal options, while keeping your health sustained with restorative spells and minions. You also have access to many Jade Golem synergies, which help you develop an increasingly powerful board.

Once you get to the latter stages of the game you should be capable of sustaining up a pretty broad board of minions. Once you have charge of the board it's important to start focusing on ending the match fast, so start slamming damage into your opponent's health pool!

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Control Shaman (Standard) Mulligan guide - March 2017

In all match-ups, you'll find it beneficial to keep hold of cards like Jade Claws or even a four-Mana play if you're up against a slow opponent.

In an aggro-heavy meta such as the one we're "enjoying" right now, you might give extra weight to Maelstrom Portal or Lightning Storm. In all cases, try to extract as much value as you can from these cards without risking truly perilous loss of health!

Control Shaman (Standard) tips, combos and synergies - March 2017

New to Control Shaman or need a refresher? Here are some of the most common combos you should be working into your matches with this particular deck list:

- Bloodmage Thalnos and Azure Drake will both make your spell damage cards more powerful.

- The following cards all have synergy with the Jade Golem mechanic: Jade Spirit, Jade Lightning, Aya Blackpaw, Jade Claws and Jade Chieftain.

- An active Brann Bronzebeard will cause all of your subsequent Battlecry effects to be played out twice.

- The cost of Thing from Below is reduced by one Mana Crystal for each totem you've summoned. These can be Hero Power totems or card-based totems.


  • lgemmr#115 days ago
    Is White Eyes any good in this deck?
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  • Bedders#215 days ago
    @lgemmr A previous version of the deck actually featured White Eyes. You can work him into this month's deck if you like, or alternatively try last month's highlighted list:


    2 x Spirit Claws
    2 x Jade Claws
    2 x Lava Shock
    2 x Maelstrom Portal
    2 x Elemental Destruction
    1 x Healing Wave
    2 x Hex
    2 x Lightning Storm
    1 x Mana Tide Totem
    2 x Jade Lightning
    2 x Jinyu Waterspeaker
    1 x Aya Blackpaw
    1 x Hallazeal the Ascended
    1 x White Eyes
    2 x Thing from Below


    1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
    2 x Azure Drake
    1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
    1 x N'Zoth, the Corruptor

    Let me know if you need anything else!
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  • mipwns#35 days ago
    Yups White Eyes is the card that makes the control Shaman strategy come together. Apart from that card this deck is designed to serve Hallazeal the Ascvended in Healing as you cast you AOE spells. I'd say leave out 1 or 2 Devolve's and/or a Jade Lightning card.

    This deck tells the story of Shamans retarded nephew, Mr. Shame-on.
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