Aggro Pirate Rogue (Standard) deck list and guide - Hearthstone - February 2017

How to climb the ladder using the powerful Pirate Rogue in Season 35.

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Aggro Pirate Rogue is a deck that packs plenty of pirate-classed minions, and then seeks to deliver a relentless stream of damage into the opponent's health pool, so as to finish the match off as quickly as possible. Every expansion seems to bring this archetype back to the fore for a little while before it drifts back out of popularity again, but we suspect that Gadgetzan's brought enough to the table to see this deck stick around for longer this time.

New card Patches the Pirate has obvious and clear synergy with all of the other pirate cards in this deck, while Small-time Buccaneer plays very nicely with the Rogue's natural appetite for building a bulky weapon. It's taken a while for this deck to gather all of its pieces together, but it's now a pretty decent archetype as a result.

In our Aggro Pirate Rogue guide, we've got a pretty solid deck list for you to get started with, although keep in mind that there'll likely be quite a few refinements to the format over the next month or so. After that we've got some suggestions for surviving the Mulligan phase, before we break down the most important card combos that you need to keep in mind.

Have fun playing the deck, and don't forget to let us know your own tips for climbing the ladder in the comments!

Editor's note - February Update: Pirate Rogue has undergone quite a few refinements since storming into the early weeks of the Gadgetzan metagame. The main change for February focuses on an Edwin VanCleef for a big-turn build that will leave you with something pretty meaty on the board. Barnes also stands a good chance of bringing something pretty impactful into play too.

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Aggro Pirate Rogue (Standard) deck list and strategy - February 2017

This is a pretty standard Aggro Pirate Rogue deck list for this stage of the Gadgetzan metagame. Things will change a bit as things settle down, of course, and we'll make sure we review this list before the start of the next competitive season.

2 x Backstab1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Shadowstep2 x Small-time Buccaneer
2 x Buccaneer2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Cold Blood2 x Argent Horserider
2 x Swashburglar2 x Southsea Captain
2 x Eviscerate1 x Barnes
1 x Edwin VanCleef2 x Azure Drake
2 x SI:7 Agent1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Tomb Pillager

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Aggro Pirate Rogue (Standard) Mulligan guide - February 2017

A one-Mana cost Pirate is your must-keep card here, as being able to drop this on the board straight away will also bring Patches the Pirate into play. Alongside this play, you want to think about getting other bothersome early minions onto the board, and a Backstab for removal is always handy to have around.

We'll have hero-by-hero match-up advice for you the next time we update this guide. Stay tuned...

Aggro Pirate Rogue (Standard) tips, combos and synergies - February 2017

There are a few pirate-themed combos to think about in this Aggro Pirate Rogue deck, so here are the most important synergies to be aware of:

- Cold Blood can be neatly combo'd with Argent Horserider or Patches the Pirate for an unexpected push past a taunt minion - or just to deliver surprise lethal damage.

- If Buccaneer is out on the board, equipping a weapon will grant your blade one extra point of Attack power.

- Edwin VanCleef gains extra stats for each card you played on the current turn, and before you put him out onto the board.

- Southsea Captain provides a stat-bonus aura to the other Pirate cards, and for as long as he's active.

- Patches the Pirate has obvious summoning synergy with every Pirate class of card in this deck list. Check the bottom of each card to see if it falls into this category.

- Southsea Deckhand can attack on the same turn it's played if you have a weapon in your hand.

- The bonus effect of Cold Blood is most usefully applied on surprise finishing cards like Leeroy Jenkins, or even Argent Horserider.


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